Vladimir Putin

Manning, Preston

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A brief status report on taxes in Canada. Results of a Compas poll commissioned by the National Post with regard to tax rage. Some facts and figures with regard to taxes paid by Canadians. Provincial tax cuts in Ontario. The issue of federal taxation. Looking at the political realities of fighting for tax relief in Canada. Three political realities, with discussion: the federal Liberals and Finance Minister Paul Martin won't deliver real tax relief; the Official Opposition cannot deliver tax relief by itself without increased support; to pass a budget containing broad-based, substantive tax relief in the federal Parliament requires 150+ members of Parliament committed to such a plan. The bottom line. The need for leadership to lower taxes. What concerned political people have been doing to unit together to fight for tax relief and other essential reforms. The United Alternative Convention. Conclusion of the Convention summarised in a report which the speaker has been distributing to Reformers and others. Personal recommendations included in the report. Why political leaders like the speaker are involved in this United Alternative effort. What Toronto business and community leaders can do to help lower federal taxes.