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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club of Toronto. The origins of The Canada Council Act of 1957. A review of its activities, four months later. Support for the Arts in other countries. How the Council's funds will be used. Objectives of the Canada Council, as set out in the Act. Details of applications received, and monies that will be paid out. The allocation by Parliament of fifty million dollars to the University Capital Grants Fund. Some of the problems in deciding on what bases the money would be allocated between universities, and how that problem was dealt with. The Endowment Fund (the second 50 million), from which only the income may be spent. How the income is allocated. Help and advice from other institutions and Foundations. Competing with the wealth and resources of the United States. The scale of operations in the U.S. Canada Council money to supplement, not replace, private benefaction. The constitution of the Council. Looking to experts for advice. The Council as trustee. Hope that the Canada Council will be regarded as a people's organization, to serve people and to enrich Canada's national life.