Vladimir Putin

Charest, The Honourable Jean

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Youth unemployment in Canada as a serious economic and social problem, with statistics. The difficulty for many young people to make the transition from school to work. The lack of matching of skills acquired, and skills needed by employers. A recognition of the changes in the global economy which require Canada to become more competitive internationalliy. Costs to the federal, provincial, and municipal governments in unemployment insurance payments, welfare, and remedial youth programs (close to three billion dollars) and long-term costs. The effects of unemployment on youth and society. Changes in the profile and nature of employment, particularly life-long employment, with statistics. Questions and answers of various studies summarized. Where to go from here. Measures to be taken, with a description of programs. Some progress, with much more to be done. Problems with education and the drop-out rate. Factors in society and government affecting education. Potential in relationships between business and schools, with examples. What is needed. What can be learned from past experiences, and from the experience of other countries. The need for commitment and cooperation amongst many societal and government groups.