Vladimir Putin

Winters, The Honourable Robert H.

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Developing trends in the relationship between Government and private enterprise with emphasis on trade. The system and form of Canada's Government, and how they have been changing in a progressive development toward more and more democracy. The changing importance of Government in relation to our private lives, our business activities and our country's well being. The role of Government, and what the speaker believes it should be. How and why the Government is different from that. The issue of inflation and how the Government has dealt with it. How trade has been affected by the changing role of Government. Considering questions of national policy. Some remarks on the nature of Canada and how it developed. Striving for balance in Canada's national life in all its phases, including in the realm of economics. Deciding the direction in which Canada should move: towards free trade or towards protectionism, not one or the other. A brief analysis of the trade situation in Canada. Foreign and Canadian markets. The speaker's belief that Canada "should always be in the forefront of the world wide effort to reduce barriers to trade." Greater freedom of trade as a necessary ingredient of Canada's national welfare.