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Massie, Major Robert

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the work this year at the front. Increases in terms of shell fire and difficulty over 1916. Daily casualties. Worsening ground conditions. The exceedingly good work done by other branches of the service such as aeroplane observation, medical corps, engineers and transport, with specific instances. The speaker's personal experience of medical service. What the speaker saw or what came through the Intelligence Department of his own battery in relation to Passchendaele. The battle at Vimy. Several minor attacks made on Lens and Avion. From Vimy down to Hill 70 to take it; a very nasty attack. The appeal of Passchendaele due to the difficulties that existed in connection with it, and because of the fact that other troops had failed to take it. Five attacks on Passchendaele; three of them being main ones. A detailed description of three attacks, told from the point of view of the speaker. What the men did at Passchendaele beyond praise. The impossibility of description.