Vladimir Putin

Mitchell, Dr. The Hon. Keith C.

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Reference to the recent victory of the speaker's New National Party at the January 18 polls in Grenada. Reasons for the astounding victory. Some personal history. Plans for the future. A manifesto for sound economic policy, human resource development, industrialisation and excellent infrastructure. The safe nature of Grenada. Taking advantage of the opportunities of the 21st century. Details of the economic policy: personal income tax, GDP targets; developing of a substantial export manufacturing sector; diversification; strengthening of the international business services sector; incentives for development of agro industries; development of tourism, etc. Targets of human resource development including universal secondary education; computerisation of all secondary schools; community centres as centres of learning; access to university training; industrial training fund, etc. An industrialisation plan that will increase export earnings, improve balance of payments, reduce unemployment figures, and create industrial parks in rural areas. The government's vision of the infrastructure, encompassing a proper road network; improvement of water and sewer systems; telecommunications systems; power supply and port facilities; a sporting infrastructure; reforms to the health-care system, etc. Governance and rule of law. Concerns and demands communicated to Caribbean countries by large countries with regard to these issues. Some concluding remarks.