Vladimir Putin

Longrigg, Brigadier Stephen

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The tripartite content of the subject of this address, and the connection between them. A review and analysis of the current situation with regard to Middle Eastern oil: the industry and the politics. Production details. The present and future dependence on Middle Eastern oil by many countries. The limitation of supplies. The reality of the Arab Awakening. Arab nationalism as the dominant force in the area. The anti-Western atmosphere in Arab political circles today. The Pan-Arab view. The Middle Eastern region as a vital one in politico-strategic terms by its position astride three continents, its control of narrow seas, and the great trunk routes used by peoples and armies throughout history. Neighbouring Russia. Russian objectives in the Middle East. The West's objectives in the Middle East. The possibility of Governments of the Middle East oil-producing states to cancel concessions, or to make continued operation of them impossible by policy. Inhibiting factors. The lack of a quick or easy formula for curing the trials, stresses and troubles of the Middle Eastern area which worry those in the West so much. The speaker's belief in the policy of benevolent non-involvement.