Vladimir Putin

Amory, Rt. Hon. Viscount

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A few remarks about the Commonwealth and the future of the Commonwealth. The history of the Hudson Bay Company, from which the speaker has retired from being the Governor. Some personal reminiscences. The recording of the company's history in 27 volumes, with another four or five to come, and with 50 tons of documents in their archives. The company's decisive influence on the development of Canada, with illustration. Two things to stress: "our company came to Canada not as colonizers but as traders" and "for long periods and throughout vast areas the company was the only constituted authority under the Crown and on the whole throughout those days of direct power the record of the company's officials was one of responsibility and humanity." The secrets of the company's survival and long record of progress. A detailed history follows. The company today. A final word about the connection between Canada and the old country.