Vladimir Putin

Desai, M.J.

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The role of India in the Commonwealth. One of the characteristics of India, and of other countries in the Commonwealth. The origin and history of the word and concept of "Empire." A review of the birth of the Commonwealth of Nations and other events after the Second World War. India's decision in 1947. The club of free independent nations situated in various parts of the world and what it might be able to do. The demand for equality within a national community. Evolution from the old order to the new and what that involves. What is needed after independence. Adopting a forward looking long-term policy. Using independence for development, as in Southern Rhodesia. The Commonwealth nations contributing constructively to the future of Southern Rhodesia by accepting the spirit of the age where there is no possibility of monopoly of power by an individual or group but where the "imperium" has to belong to the national community on the basis of equality and where progress is possible only in co-operation as equals, internally and externally, and convincing them that is the only way of survival.