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Haldenby, Brigadier Eric W.

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A very simple account of the first year of the war as experienced by a battalion commander in the First Canadian Division. Arrival on New Year's Eve in England. Stationing at Aldershot, the greatest military settlement in the world. Finding elaborate precautions for air-raids. Taking part in a review of the Gordon Highlanders in Aldershot. Intensive individual training. Collective training. The invasion of Holland. Anticipation of invasion of England. Moving to the east centre of England. Preparations for going to France. The journey to Paris, then Laval and Sable. Ordered back to Brest. Difficulties with the train engineer in returning. Readying the train for defence. Getting out of France, not having fired one shot. Settling down to hard training. The attitude of the English civilian population. The start of the bombing in July. Praise for the work of the civilian volunteers. The danger of parachutists and troop-carrying planes. Work of our Navy and Air Force. The speaker's conviction that Germany will never succeed in breaking the spirit of the British people, no matter what happens. The splendid "esprit de corps" of our Canadian troops. A word about our great auxiliary services, the Salvation Army and the Young Men's Christian Association. The work of the Red Cross in supplying comforts for the men. The leadership and organization of the Canadian Corps. A final tribute to the men in the speaker's own Regiment who gave him magnificent support and who were most loyal and most efficient all through his Command.