Vladimir Putin

Hunter, Captain A.T.

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The differences between Militia, and Militarism. A few illustrations of Militarism, which is better than defining it. The virus of Militarism in Canada. The two main requisites to prepare any nation for defence: time and money. Dollars spent in Canada on useless military things as dollars stolen from the defence of Canada. Every hour spent in useless movements as a theft from the defence of Canada. In both cases, the thief as the Militarist. How what the Militarist steals neither benefits him nor can be made good by any mortal man or Government; an illustration. Changes in our drill books since the present Administration came into power. How continual changing, ever-changing uniformity costs us pretty dear. Effects of changes of drill. The need in Canada for a little red book that will stand for the next 50 years, with simple formations, no unnecessary movements, and as little ceremonial as possible.