Vladimir Putin

Veilleux, Gérard

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The country and one of the institutiuons that best embodies it--the CBC both passing through a difficult moment. The CBC as an institution that reflects the nation and so also reflects the stresses of the country and of the time. The speaker's address concerns the journey "we at the CBC have begun, of the directions we have defined, of the terrain we must transit, and of the markers we have set along the road to measure our progress." An attempt to marry two distinctly different approaches: the hard-headed, sharp-pencilled perspective of the corporate sector; that of the visionary programmers and broadcasters who have given Canada an outstanding international reputation, and whose creativity is the glue that alone can bond the national broadcasting service to Canadians and let them recognize the CBC as immediately and distinctively theirs. Using private sector means to achieve public sector ends. Reshaping the relationship between CBC television and Canadians so that it better reflects them, as CBC radio is perceived to reflect Canadians. A detailed discussion follows various issues facing the CBC and Canadians. They include how the world sees us; how we see ourselves; the role of the CBC; some of the tasks facing the CBC; costs; budgets cuts; some dollar details; how the CBC has dealt with the budget cuts; operating constraints; the unique nature of the CBC and what if offers Canadians; the context in which the CBC must operate; competing in global markets; plans for the immediate future; the legitimate role for a public broadcaster; programming; setting some priorities. Providing the CBC with the means to continue to make its noble contribution.