Vladimir Putin

Bulloch, John F.D.

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The need for fundamental change in Canadian society.The speaker's belief that the Canada's problems have been created by and for ourselves as a product of a period of affluence. How to restore social and economic stability and a sense of nationhood through fundamental change, and the establishment of new national goals. Two goals of great significance: the establishment of strong regions with a greater degree of self-sufficiency; the development of stronger people--Canadians doing more for themselves and relying less on the state, the development of skills and self-discipline in our work force. Four major forces at work in western society, and in Canada in particular, that make the achievement of these goals essential. A detailed description of these forces: the industrialization of the less-developed countries; the impact on western society of expensive energy; a decade of relatively slow growth and what that implies; the Quebec nationalism movement. Strategies for accomplishment. Why Canada can do it.