Vladimir Putin

Philip, Percy James

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Recalling the war years. Now, seven years later, appraising the cost of that sacrificial defence of the world against Nazi domination. Recalling the speaker's yearly reports. The British Empire that has ceased to exist. Who and what are going to take the place of the British people and the Empire? A look at the British Empire. The standard of justice and freedom for the individual and independence of nationhood that characterized the Empire. The move towards self-government. Ground for hope that an English speaking association of free nations can be built which will again be able to speak with the authority and set the example of the Empire. The future now dependent on the successor states of the British Empire. The position of Scotland. Canada's commitment and contribution to the United Nations in comparison to her contributions to maintain the Empire. The continuing need for the Commonwealth. A look at what followed the break up of other Empires. Dangers ahead for India. A consideration of what has happened in India in relation to what has happened and is happening in the rest of Asia. The first real test of the United Nations in the decision to partition Palestine. A look back at the British Empire. The end of an era.