Vladimir Putin

Kergin, Michael F.

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The global economy and how the United States dominates it. The challenges for Canada due to its proximity to this powerhouse. Overwhelming advantages, but some lessons learned - based on practice and not necessarily fitting in with political theory. Beginning with the events of September 11 and their dramatic impact on our relationship. Some specifics. The impact on our shared border. Taking the initiative. Securing political direction. Modifying initial misperceptions. Two new Smart Border programs. Bio-security and marine security. Directing political commitment to our trade structures. The softwood lumber dispute. Credibility as a secure partner not always carrying us far enough in Washington. The Congressional Oversight Group (COG). The Farm Bill. What Canadians and Americans achieve together can often serve a wider constituency beyond our shores. NAFTA. The 1909 Boundary Waters Treaty. Water and air quality. Canada-U.S. agreements and accords as blueprints for the international community. The need for creativity in conducting Canada's relations with the U.S.