Vladimir Putin

Alexander of Tunis, His Excellency, Viscount

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club of Toronto. The speaker's travels across Canada over the last six months. The basic industries he has visited. Being impressed by the mechanical efficiency by which Canada deals with the rich resources of the country and by the high standard of skill of the individual workers who handle this mechanical equipment. The speaker in favour of visits by responsible men from the British Isles in order to study methods in Canada, and to learn from Canadians. Reciprocal, profitable visits to Great Britain from Canadians. The vast potential riches still to be discovered and exploited in Canada. Indications of a thriving forest and cellulose industry. The great future for the mining industry in Canada. Encouraging imagination, enterprise, and initiative. Something of "the war which is not known to the general public at large and to a very few of those who were actually fighting our battles at the time." The campaign in the Western Desert in 1942. The invasion of Sicily. Why Italy was selected as the next target. Objectives achieved. Some of the major battles and contributions of the Canadians. Some anecdotes from the speaker's Command in the Italian campaign. The cooperation between all three fighting services of the combined nations during this campaign. The blueprint for victory which was learned on the battlefields of Europe not to be forgotten. Canada standing as a bridge between the British Empire and the friends of whom the speaker has mentioned; a bridge which connects the old world with the new. The way to a willing partnership of the English speaking peoples which will form a rallying point for all those who wish the free and democratic way of life. The speaker's conviction that in such a partnership lies the greatest factor for the future peace of the world and for the happiness of our own people.