Vladimir Putin

Rowell, N.W.

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Britain's effort; the part which the United Kingdom itself has played in this great war struggle. The question which British statesmen had to face in the early stages of the war: "how could the free, peace-loving, commercial democracy of Great Britain be transformed into a powerful and effective fighting organization so that she might meet on something like equal terms the highly organized and thoroughly trained Prussian military machine, which had been the development of generations, and upon which the German authorities had spared neither intellect, energy, nor money?" How this Herculean task has been accomplished, and the part they have taken so far in the war. Appreciating what has been accomplished during the past two and a half years by recalling the position of Great Britain and Germany at the outbreak of the war: a review. Great Britain, in the midst of the war, having to face the situation of changing her whole social and industrial organization from a peace footing to a war footing, and at a time when she was withdrawing millions of men to form her new armies. A detailed report of accomplishments. Tasks and efforts of the British Navy, the Army, the Air Service. An inventory of guns and munitions. Production of machine guns, rifles, and small arms ammunition. The issue of transport. Army medical service. Financial assistance. Assistance from the Dominions across the seas. Britain and her sons across the seas standing together.