Vladimir Putin

Peat, Private

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Assuring "you fathers and brothers and cousins of those who are right now demonstrating the fact that chivalry and honor and nobility of character are in no sense dead, that no man can pass through such experiences without benefit to his soul qualities." The hellish conditions created by the exigencies of modern warfare, as found today on the Western Front. Reasons why men go to war; why they go "over the top." The nobility of soul exemplified in the everyday lives of the people. Urging the audience not to judge our returned men too hastily; time needed to reassimilate themselves. A description of the situation today on the Western Front. What may come of the composite now in the seething cauldron of the Western Front. Hearing much of internationalism in the last year, and what it means. The peace that is to be made upon the foundation of victory to be secured by continuing the community of interests that war has created. The internationalism of the fighting front that has grown more intimate in its relations as the war has continued. A moral welding, consecrated in sacrifice and blood. The speaker's conviction that we are witnessing today more than a winning fight against the central Empires. The birth of a new era for the world. Returned soldiers in Toronto and what they have seen and experienced.