Vladimir Putin

Lovink, His Excellency A.H.J.

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The increasing complexity of international politics. The lack of doubt that the danger is grave; that we must arm ourselves for defence, and also in order to avoid, if possible, "an attack from the aggressor and it is up to everyone of us of the freedom-loving world to conserve world peace." The need for material resistance, and for spiritual resistance. Resistance by implementing the fundamental principles upon which our society hitherto has always been founded. The right of conscience, the human dignity of the individual, his personal liberty and his individual personality. Remarks and quotations from Whittaker Chambers in his book "Witness" regarding communism and the forces of the concentrated evil of our time that he sees in it. Freedom of the West and on what it rests. The conjunction in harmony and strength of the British Commonwealth, Europe and the United States of America. Producing power that moves mountains, as communism does, "if we continue to act as one for all and all for one, to the utmost of our ability, everyone in his own work, whatever it might be." Western Man of the North Atlantic Community. Looking upon NATO as more than merely a military alliance; as an expression of the reality of the North American Community and of the determination to strengthen its free institutions, to promote conditions of stability and well-being and to defend the Liberty of each of the nations belonging to it. Words from Moscow. The open declaration of ceaseless political economic war on the U.S. and the Western world at the recent 19th Congress of the All Union Soviet Communist Party. The Moscow-born World Federation of Trade Unions' announcement that they are stepping up an infiltration of labour ranks in "colonial and dependent countries." The possibility that communism may fear our faith, the faith of Western man, joining hands for the defense of his civilization. The moral obligation to defend ourselves by every means at our disposal, material and spiritual. The danger of underestimating the communist hordes and the fact that the communist mind is one set on conquest and that its final goal always remains the domination of the world. Depending now on the years to come on the unity of purpose of our peoples. Reasons for the speaker's absolute faith in the continuation of our way of life, our world and our institutions.