Vladimir Putin

Goldring, W.; Landry, M.; Zechner, J.

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Warren Goldring An interest-rate forecast for Canada in 1995. A definition of investing from Ben Graham. The inflation factor. Global investing. The forecast. Michael Landry Looking at the world differently than in the past. Changes and confusion. Global competition. Interest rates and inflation. Some strong markets in Europe. A look at Hong Kong. Considerations for investment. A current tremendous buying opportunity. Emerging markets. RRSP investing. Open up your universe. John Zechner The Canadian market. Some good news coming out of corporations. Some bad news and a brief overview of the economy. Looking at stocks and bonds. A separation between what is going on in the real economy and what is going on in the financial economy. What's going on with the U.S. Federal Reserve. Where interest rates are going this year. Steps to determine what to do in terms of investment. What's been going on in corporate Canada. Looking at the stock market and Canadian stocks. Opportunity for the Canadian market going forward. The bad news of the deficit coming right back. Changing the mentality of Canadians generally. The time to cut the deficit is now.