Vladimir Putin

Coleman, A.P.

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The mill-ponds which form reservoirs that provide a constant and steady flow of water in Ontario. Nothing in the world to compare with our Great Lakes. The Great Lake system as the most artificial thing of the kind I the world, and also a very temporary system. Ways in which that is so. The origins of the Great Lakes; how they were formed. The question of the Chicago Drainage Canal. Concern over the low level of the lakes. The changing nature of the water level. The feasible engineering feat of draining the upper lakes into the Mississippi. Consequences of such action. The speaker's suggestion that we ought to have a combination of everybody interested, the people on the banks of the Mississippi and all the States that touch on the Great Lakes, and all the States whose grain comes out by the Great Lakes, should combine and have the removal of water that is now taken done away with completely, an let the sewage of Chicago be treated in some other way.