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The speaker's feeling that we have reached the turning-point of the war. The awareness and appreciation in Great Britain of the part that Canada has played in the war. A division of the great body of nations which makes up the British Commonwealth into three parts: the United Kingdom and the great Dominions; India; the colonial dependencies. Characteristics of the colonial dependencies. Much light thrown on the whole question of colonial dependencies as a result of war; not only for the British Empire, but throughout the world. A discussion of "Imperialism" and "Colonization." Three aspects of the demand of the Colonial dependencies: the necessity for giving self-government to these people; the necessity of the improvement of social conditions; the necessity of providing some guarantees against what we usually term exploitation of these peoples, with a discussion of each aspect, especially with regard to how Britain has proceeded with such necessities. Third party interest with regard to judgements as to whether or not colonies are ready for self-government. A proposal for Regional Councils to be set up, representing not only the colonial powers but other nations interested in the areas in which the dependencies lie, with example of how that might work.