Vladimir Putin

Heilperin, Dr. Michael

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What will the Baltic States do, or, what will happen to the Baltic States? A description of the Baltic States, with some history. Addressing the questions, "Why are there so many of them and why are they so small?" The people in the Baltic States, their history, language, politics. Latvians, Lithuanians, Estonians. Finland's Baltic affinity. The successful co-operation between the Scandinavian countries, and the equally unsuccessful co-operation of the Baltic States. How Poland's past history and her present situation make her a member of the Baltic States. The history of all of this part of Europe a history of a struggle against that eastward expansion by Germany and the westward expansion by Russia. The Scandinavian countries and their concern with the fate of Finland. A new element in the picture by the adoption by the Soviet Russia of an active expansionist policy. A reversion to the pre-1914, even pre-19th century tendencies of the Kremlin. Poland as the first victim of the return of Russia into the orbit of active politics. The invitation extended to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, by the Kremlin, for the smaller countries to accept Russian terms, naval and aerial bases in all these countries, and full control over various small but strategically highly important islands. Now an invitation to Finland with similar demands. What the Baltic countries can do now: not much. A comparison of the situation of the Baltic States with that of Belgium and Holland. Maintaining as much of their cultural life as possible and hoping that the ultimate outcome of the conflict will restore the Baltic States to free life. Putting into perspective the problem of the small states of Europe. The problem of these countries essentially the problem of the future of international relations in Europe and, generally speaking, the world. The future of all the small states of Europe resting on the outcome of this war. The two possible solutions to this war.