Vladimir Putin

Major Right Honourable Anthony Eden

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Some of the speaker's memories and feelings of Canada, and the part played by Canada and the Royal Canadian Air Force and Royal Canadian Navy throughout the war years. Canada's position as interpreter in the modern world, especially given the knowledge of the United States and of the United Kingdom. Canada's important and constructive contribution to make on her own account. Canada indeed now a principal in her own right. Canada emerging from the war as one of the leading nations of the world. Having in common a deep and abiding faith in the British Commonwealth and Empire, a faith in the future, a faith in the contribution it can and will make toward security and progress in the world. Faith founded on Freedom. The difficulty of defining the British Commonwealth today. Not imposing our conception of our way of life upon others; and equally so, not being shy or timid in proclaiming our faith. The world today in need of that message. The disappointing aftermath of victory and peace. What is to be done now. Holding to our course. The United Nations working together, with example. Relations between the British Commonwealth and the United States. The hope that other nations will want to join the relationship on equal terms. The importance of promoting understanding between the United States and the peoples of the British Commonwealth. Marshalling the forces that make constructively for peace. Maintaining faith in our determination to win the peace as we won the war.