Vladimir Putin

McCaw, Daniel

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A division of the presentation into two sections: the current situation in Canada's health-care system, including some of the pressures and challenges to face as we move into the 21st century; the perspective on health care of a group of employers who have banded together to form the Employer Committee on Health Care--Ontario. The impact on the nation's health-care system of Canada's current economic difficulties. The federal government recognising the need for deficit reduction; reducing transfer payments to provinces. The provincial government's shifting of health-care expenses from the public sector to employer-sponsored health-care plans and to individuals. A review of the current distribution of Canada's overall health-care costs. A comparison of Canada's spending with Japan and the United States, those two countries representing the extremes of G-7 countries on health-care expenditures. A second measure of the quality of health care: life expectancy at birth. The convergence of two events: cutting commitments to financing health care in Canada by the federal government and an aging Canadian population. Some demographics, and some accompanying dollar figures. Shifting costs from government to employers to employees. Instituting changes to the system through the Employer Committee on Health Care--Ontario (ECHCO). Objectives and activities of ECHCO. Some strongly stated views on government actions and their consequences from ECHCO. Recommendations from ECHCO. Mixed messages from government. Applause for ECHCO and other employer groups for their efforts to work with government to come up with long-term solutions for health-care. Money and health: no need to be trade-offs. The challenge of integrating the health of employers and the health of employees into a strong growing economy.