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Capobianco, Dr. Giacomo

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The readiness of Canada, the Government of Canada, and the people of Canada, for the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, to be held 15 months from now, with 159 nations represented, in Rio de Janeiro. The purpose of that conference. The speaker's suggestion that the answer is "no." The level of knowledge and acknowledgement of the problems of emissions of carbon dioxide, and Canada's commitment to capping them at 1990 levels by the year 2000. Some background and history to this commitment. Some issues that will be addressed at the conference. Attaining sustainable development. Laying out the moral framework for the management of this planet. Ensuring the developing countries' rights to sustainable development, citizens' rights to clean water, clean air, etc. "Agenda 21," an environmental agenda and action plan for the next decade. The Canadian coal industry: impacts from these environmental issues. Canada's motivation in agreeing to cap its carbon dioxide emissions. A close examination of Canada's use of energy, and statistics which show us to be "energy pigs." Some facts about carbon dioxide emissions in Canada. An examination of the process that led to Canada's commitment with regard to emissions. A lack of understanding of the issue. Finding the right path in dealing with environmental challenges. The role and responsibility of industry. The costs of environment protection. Finding the most efficient, lowest cost path to achieving environmental protection and sustainable development. Ensuring that Canada's national associations and national sectoral associations have direct and effective influence in the formulation of realistically achievable Canadian environmental policies.