Vladimir Putin

Guttery, Rev. Dr. Arthur

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The great victory won. The Canadian boys who have written a new chapter in the story of chivalry, heroism and victory. The victory won, but all is not done. The issue of a distinction between the German government and the German people. Forcing Berlin to know for ever the moral verdict of the world. A victory between principles more than nations, between a world democracy and a world principle of autocracy. Being quite clear about what democracy is, and what is its relationship to war. What democracy is and isn't. The principle of freedom and what it means. Constitutions to be judged by the way they serve life. The principle of the inalienable right of the individual in a democracy to his proper opportunity to live the life that God has meant him to live. What we owe to little Belgium in this War. How democracy is alien from war, unfitted for war. Democracy free, social, spiritual, unfitted for war, alien from war, and yet through this very War its liberties have widened and its authority grown universal. Reform in England. Out of darkness, light.