Vladimir Putin

Rodionov, Alexei Alexeievich

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The process of "perestroika" currently underway in the Soviet Union. What perestroika is; its many meanings. Perestroika as a revolution: a "decisive acceleration of the socioeconomic and cultural development of Soviet society which involves radical changes on the way to a qualitatively new state". Perestroika as an urgent necessity. Why it was such an urgent necessity. Also the necessity for "Glasnost" and democratization. Interpretations of perestroika in the West. Conducting reforms in accordance with the socialist choice. The Soviet society in its new stage of development, restructuring and renovation. Political results. Changes in work, administration, the mechanism of management. New principles of wages. Results in the field of economy, with some figures. A detailed discussion of the reforms and their results. Measures taken as the first steps toward democratization. Soviet foreign policy. The Soviet leadership and its conclusions as to what is needed. The need for politics to be based on reality. Talks and the result of the talks in Washington on the issues of reduction of strategic offensive weapons. Trade and economic relations between the Soviet Union and Canada.