Vladimir Putin

Spry, Major General D.C.

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The Maple Leaf Route: the main axis route of First Canadian Army, the "Up" Route leading to the forward areas to battle and to victory. Deciding Canada's present position in the world today which requires a decision as to the Route towards Peace--Maple Leaf Up or Maple Leaf Down? Remembering, on November 11th, the two world wars in which Canada fought. The part that Canada can play in avoiding a third world war. Canada's active voice in world affairs through the United Nations and through the Empire and Commonwealth. Doing more than talking peace-time co-operation. Discussion regarding an Atlantic Pact between the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. which will guarantee the freedom from aggression of the Western European democracies. Guaranteeing the safety of the old world from possible Communist assault. What this idea of an Atlantic Pact really means. Collective security. What participation in such collective security means in terms of policy for Canada. Committing ourselves to a definite peace-time defensive alliance.