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Sheard, Charles M.

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A history of the subject. The state of the harbour of Toronto. The depositing of sewage into the harbour daily at the rate of 25,000,000 gallons per day. The asset of our harbour being frittered away or ignored. Proposals as to what the City of Toronto should be with its sewage. The difficulties of sewage disposal and water supply. Cleansing the harbour; the fact that it can be done. How our City is situated. The drinking water supply. Recommendations for cleaning up the harbour; for sewage treatment; for applying the scientific principles which have been practised and adopted by the most capable cities in the world. Reports from the City Engineer. Schemes rejected. A consideration of the question upon a scientific and satisfactory basis. The purification of the harbour and the purification of our drinking water. The state of the current water and sewage system. Proposed sewers. A presentation of the details of these sewers with plans. Some health issues. The role of bacteria. The filter beds and septic tanks. Details of a modern scientific sewage plant and how it works. Advising the people of Toronto to go before the people with a complete and perfect system, and never mind the cost. The municipalities that abut the shores of Lake Ontario; sewage contamination that travels down the Niagara River; the cities on the south shore. The speaker's venture to couple with these proposals the recommendation that the drinking water of the City of Toronto should be filtered; reasons for that recommendation. Details of a filtering plant. Urging the people of Toronto to wake up and adopt these plans.