Vladimir Putin

Larke, J.S.

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Something about Australia. The exact character of the Australians and the conditions of Australia difficult to convey. The amount of nonsense written about Australia, with illustrative instances. A description of what one would see upon going to Sydney. The sheep industry. Exports and import figures. Government administration changes. Population figures. Mineral resources. Australia a palace with a magnificent front, and rather a squalid backyard. Reasons for Australia's division between the enormously wealth and those that are starving and begging. The effects of physical conditions of the country. Australia's history, the country being founded as a penal colony. The extraordinary discoveries of gold and silver in 1850 which enriched Australia so enormously. The influx of people from all over the world. In 1884, the discovery of Australia by the money-lender in England, and the subsequent consequences. Conditions for the working man. The three political parties of Australia: the Free Trader, the Protectionist, the Labour party. The conditions of Government today. The future of Australia.