Vladimir Putin

Bryce, P.H.

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The situation which we have to deal with in this country, and which has developed in the last five or six years, with regard to population growth. Thinking of Canada as an organism, subject to the laws of evolution as is any other individual organism in the vegetable or in the animal world. Applying this process of looking at things to society; studying society intelligently by looking upon it as an organism made up of individual units, just as the cells make up the individual body. Studying society in relation to its surroundings, its environment, whether external to the body or internal to the body. Society as a whole made up and measured in accordance with the goodness of the individual environment. The situation as we find it in Toronto today and in our other large cities due mainly to the fact that we have seen Canada grow enormously in population during a period of 5-6 years. Some figures. The rights of the foreigner. Conditions under which the foreigners are living. Ways to meet our civic obligations. An example from Chicago. Housing and building by-laws. Toronto, leading the way in individual and civic responsibility. Several people then spoke: Mr. J.F. Ellis; Dr. E. Clouse; Dr. W.H. Pepler; Dr. Bryce again.