Vladimir Putin

Hunt, Lawrence

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The English-speaking nations as a family that help each other and stick together as a family should in the hour of need to keep from our door both the wolf and the bear. Not yet enjoying the fairer world which brave men died to win. Britain surviving so-called doom. Aiding Britain. The United States Congress soon to debate the Marshall Plan. The Russians' dislike of the Marshall Plan. American isolationists decreasing. Americans now being attacked by Russia's leading diplomats as "greedy imperialists." Russia's vituperative diplomacy ineffective because it is terribly out of date. Bad manners no longer persuasive in international affairs. Remembering that Russia is the secular arm of the Communist faith, and that her propaganda is a tremendous weapon to be ignored at our peril. Propaganda aimed at dividing the British Commonwealth and the United States by trying to sow distrust, dissension and discord. Canada's loyalty to Britain and to the British Commonwealth and Empire. A strong and closely united British Commonwealth and a close family partnership between the British Commonwealth and the United States vital to our very survival.