Vladimir Putin

Duckworth, Rev. Professor H.T.F.

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First, a few details with regard to the size of the Island of Cyprus, its natural character, its population and resources. The curious and unique position of Cyprus in so far as the High Commissioner and all the chief officials of the Island are appointed by the Secretary of State for the Colonies. Cyprus a dependency of the British Crown, but not a dependency in the sense in which Jamaica or Trinidad are dependencies of the Crown. The proper description of the status of Cyprus as a Turkish Province administered and occupied by Great Britain for Imperial purposes. Payment for the right of such administration and occupation and controversy over to whom that payment should be made. The circumstances under which Great Britain became the Sultan's tenant in Cyprus. Why the Island of Cyprus was selected by Lord Beaconsfield as Great Britain's set-off for the Russian acquisition of Kars and Batoum. Cyprus' geographical situation. The need for money to be spent upon Cyprus, to supplement nature by art in order that it may become an effective naval base. The lack of good natural harbours in the Island. Only within the last two or three years that Great Britain has done anything to improve the harbour at Famagousta. Delay in the necessary fortifications in Cyprus and reasons for that delay. The likelihood of Russia becoming a danger in the future. The political position of Cyprus in the Empire and the need for expenditure. The feeling of the population of Cyprus towards Great Britain. Advances achieved in Cyprus by Great Britain in terms of education, health, roads and bridges, agriculture, representation in local government, etc. The people of Cyprus restless and peevish. The issue of high taxation. Talk of reunion with Greece by the Cypriotes. The need to leave nothing undone to reconcile the people of Cyprus to the present arrangement. The speaker's suggestions for what could be done in that regard.