Vladimir Putin

Deisher, Walter N.

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The development and future of Canada's growing aircraft industry. Achievements of the Canadian aviation industry between 1939 and 1945. Canadian aeronautical pioneers. A brief history of Canadian aviation. The industry as it stands today. Activities of the DeHavilland Aircraft Company of Canada Limited. Production by Canadair in Montreal. Development project details at Avro Canada at Malton. The future of the aircraft industry in Canada. A market for the personal plane, i.e. one, two and four-seater types. In terms of the larger civil aircraft and in the military field, we are approaching the jet age when practically all aircraft in the high-power, high-duty class will be jet powered. Development of the jet engine at Avro. The size of Canada's industry, and its importance. The fact that our northern frontiers are exposed, and what that means for defence. Ensuring that the industry is maintained and kept in a state of readiness. Funding. The need for government assistance to carry out a development programme. Facts about the jet engine. The unique nature of the aircraft engine industry. Reasons for the need for national support on engine development. Taking steps to make the Canadian aircraft industry more independent; offering to Canadian engineers, for the first time, a full scope in the aircraft engine field hitherto available only in other countries. The jet engine still in its infancy. Some conservative estimates for its future. Bringing about a product capable of boosting Canada's national pride.