Vladimir Putin

Guglielmotti, Maj.-General Emilio

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Italy's war, not well known, and perhaps not much appreciated. Italy at the beginning of the war bound to the Central Empires by a treaty of alliance. The voiding of the treaty. The importance of Italy, the courage of Italy, in not joining the Central Empires, but especially to improve her position for the great common cause and for France. Evidence of this situation. The misfortune of Capovetta after two and a half years of victories. German propaganda that was so much a part of that misfortune. Speaking frankly now, after our common victory. A review and examination of Italy's participation in the war. What a successful offensive against Italy would mean. Details of war activities and battles. Illustrations of Italy's immense fortitude and immense sufferings during the war. The situation in Italy now, still not good in terms of food. Italy's co-operation on other fronts. The present political situation. The desire by Italy to recover her provinces and her sons. Claims, and the history of those claims against the Italian provinces. Conflicts with the Jugo-Slavs and the Croations. Italy's economic sacrifices. Italy's appeal not for generosity, but for justice.