Vladimir Putin

Hari Panday

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Proud to have chosen Toronto and Ontario to commence business in Canada. The founding of ICICI Bank Canada in 2003 and the journey in Canada since. The ICICI bank as the alternative bank for the financial-services industry. A full-service direct bank. Asset figures. Redefining full-service banking in Canada. The bank's inherent mission. The speaker's passion about Canada's economic prosperity. India as the "new West" on the other side of the globe. Some history going back to 1992. What to focus on in order to understand India. A description of India. An Indian company today. A combination of six key economic drivers at work behind phenomenal growth - the six pillars. A discussion of consumption drivers. Opportunities for Canadians. Strong industries in Canada. A brief discussion of some of them: services sector - financial services in particular. Some specific segments of the consuming class. Legal Services. Organized Retail. Tourism and Hospitality. Telecom Equipment. Summary remarks.