Vladimir Putin

Le Maistre, Charles D.

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What is understood in the old country by standardization, particularly industrial standardization. Two main categories of industrial standards: one dealing with dimensions, and the other with the quality of materials and performance of machinery. How far standardization has come, with examples. The national movement for standardization in Great Britain, started some 30 years ago. What is meant by "industry." Representation on committees to undertake standardization. The change from the British Engineering Standards Association to the British Standard Institution, opening up the process to other trade interests in the country. The administrative structure of the Association. National purchasing specifications and how they give the manufacturers the protection of fair dealing between each other; how they protect the workers and the public. Some illustrative examples. Extending British export trade. How national purchasing specifications are proving to be one of the most effective means in extending export trade. Coordinating the efforts of the National Standardizing bodies while not imposing British standards on to the Dominions. Support from Australia and New Zealand. Applying the process to Canada's timber industry. Solving the problem of sending each other unsuitable goods.