Vladimir Putin

Cody, Rev. Canon H.J.

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Membership in a large institution as the best corrective for narrowness of outlook, for provincialism. The world outlook of the educated Britisher in the motherland. Remembering that we are at once Canadians and Britons--better Britons because Canadians, better Canadians because Britons. Nothing incompatible between representative government or democratic institutions, and the organization known as the British Empire. An examination of the terms "British Empire", "Empire" and "Democracy." A cursory glance at history which indicates that democracy and empire are contradictory terms. A discussion to show that that is not true of the British democracy, and of the British Empire. The growth and expansion of the British Empire, an organism of comparatively modern growth. A description of the Empire, and its historical beginnings. The motives that led our forebears to go here, there and everywhere, in the development and expansion of the Empire, with a discussion of each: the spirit of sea-going enterprise and adventure that is almost inborn in a mixed race of islanders; the desire to make money, to trade; the defence of political and religious liberty; philanthropy; the desire for a new home; the necessity of national security; the necessity of a great body, by its very momentum, going forward, with illustration; the element of trusteeship, as seen in the Treaty of Versailles, Britain's additional responsibilities to keep the peace in and to develop Palestine, Mesopotamia and parts adjacent. The British Empire not the result of any administrative foresight, but of spontaneous growth, under the guidance of the God of nations. Three stages in the growth of the British Empire. The first stage of peaceful development, by migrations, by explorations, by private enterprises, but included the mistake of viewing overseas colonies as estates to be worked for the benefit of the mother country. The second stage marked by colonial wars between England and France. The third stage that in which we began to live before the war. The overseas dominions now recognized as great strong sons and daughters in the common family. Six characteristics that have been the spirit of genius, that have guided the Empire: tolerance, unity and diversity; the power of governance; the fact that British administrators have been well paid, and have not had to enrich themselves at the expense of the subject peoples among whom they have lived; a love of justice, by the reign of law; the genius of the British Empire marked by honour, by trustworthiness; the British record for liberty.