Vladimir Putin

Smith, Dr. Sidney Earle

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"Your University" as the University of Toronto and "Canada's Finest Generation" including the veterans of World War II. A history of the University of Toronto from the founding of King's College in 1827. The size of the University of Toronto. Being on guard against the real danger of regarding mere size as a reliable index of educational endeavour. The demand for consistent standards of quality at universities. The capital and persons employed at U of T. An example of how universities cannot live remote from real life. The present tasks of the U of T. Expanding to accommodate the increase in students due to the veterans. The Ajax Division. Further plans for accommodation. Difficulties encountered over the last two years. The high standard of achievement of the veterans. The chance for other, younger students to interact with the veterans. The task of the university to "train our youth to give their best to the country in peace, as they did in war. We must pour into those who must win the peace, the spirit that won the war." (from Field Marshal, the Viscount Montgomery of Alamein stated in his Convocation Address to the University on August 31, 1946).