Vladimir Putin

Easman, Dr. S. Mack

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Encouraging signs for the League, for the Empire, and for the state of the world, despite this last year being the worst in terms of the depression--economic, financial, and therefore psychological and political. Christendom rallying to the support of the League. The promising affiliation in American policy as regards the League. The Sino-Japanese incident. The question to be faced next February at the Disarmament Conference. The Sino-Japanese incident and others as proof that armaments are not the sole cause of trouble and war. Proof that the world needs a world authority endowed with power to call upon its members immediately and effectively to assist in restraining threatening aggressors. What will happen if Japan does not follow the Council's recommendation before November 16th. Arguments in favour of serious and immediate disarmament considered unanswerable. Figures from the League's Disarmament Year Book showing budget estimates for defence spending in various countries. Forecasting the situation which will confront us in Geneva in three months at the Disarmament Conference, and stating clearly the price we must pay if we want to secure from the coming Conference an adequate programme of progressive disarmament. The joint problem of disarmament and security. The cost and danger of armaments. A detailed discussion follows as to what must be done to fulfill the moral obligation to follow the defeated empires in the programme of disarmament imposed upon them. The controversy of the last 12 years between the safe countries on one side and the exposed and anxious populations on the other. The issue of the involvement or non-involvement of the United States in the League. Canadians making the most of the League. The duty resting on our heads in our strategic position in relation to the United States. The more effective we can make the League ourselves, the sooner will our neighbours feel impelled to join us in the noblest adventure of human history.