Vladimir Putin

Hutton, Graham

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Problems of the British Empire--political, strategic and economic. How most problems of the world today touch the British Empire. A review of political problems. Changes over the last 35 years. A review of the political and constitutional situation today. The Crown now the only real and effective link left between the Empire administration and those of the other Commonwealth nations. Ways in which the independence of the Dominions may be guaranteed for the future and the integrity of the Empire. The division of responsibility and difficulties caused by that division. The Commonwealth of Nations in a transitional period. World events which have a direct reference both to the security and welfare of the whole British Commonwealth of Nations. The gravity of the dangers that hang over the whole Commonwealth of Nations, seen by a look at the situation in two strategic spheres: the Mediterranean and the Far East. An examination of a "worst-case" scenario of events in these two areas. The Government of the United Kingdom refusing to accept the responsibility for taking any warlike decision, and the speaker's response to that. United Commonwealth of Nations decisions. The intertwining of political, strategic, and economic aspects of a problem. The mutual aggravation and conflict of economic and political factors. Mutual commercial relationships as perhaps the greatest problem facing the democratic nations. Democracies in the name of self-determination taking decisions on the economic side which were definitely harmful to fellow democracies. This providing the dictatorships with a large stick wherewith to beat the democracies. Time to reverse this trend toward self-sufficiency and autocracy and regulation. Beating a retreat in the political sphere, and also in the economic sphere. Impediments to the flow of world commerce. Problems with "gentlemen's agreements." Two main influences working in world economics. What can be done, and what is being done. The negotiation of an Anglo-American Trade Treaty. Strategic, financial, economic and political reasons why an Anglo-American Trade Agreement should be whole-heartedly applauded. The rearmament race. Building up the international buffer of trade on as wide a front as possible. The speaker's belief that the history of the next 25 years is still lying within human hands to accomplish and his hope that they will be British hands.