Vladimir Putin

Merritt, Lieut.-Colonel Wm. Hamilton

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The speaker's plea today for national safety and national defence as advocated by such leagues as the United Service League in England, and the Australian Defence league. Hoping to have a similar league in Canada. Comments on the attitude of the Canadian people to considerations of national defence. Symbolizing the British Empire as a chain girdling the world, composed of alternate links of blue and brown, sea and land: one weak link and the chain is gone. Canada as a very, very, weak link. Making the link strong as Canada's first duty to the Empire. Ways to make the link strong. An examination of Canada in this regard: why she is such a weak link. Some facts and figures. Two sorts of military service. A comparison between Great Britain, the U.S.A., France, Japan, Switzerland, and Canada. China and Canada as varying from the rest of the world since they have neither the "patriotic" basis system of many civilized nations, nor can they adopt the "blue-water" isolation basis for safety, for both have a land boundary between them and great nations. Comparisons which show that Canada is the only country that can dare rely on practically nothing for her defence stock-in-trade. What Canada does gives practically no results. A consideration of what has given the moral fibre to the nations of the world. All great nations learning their truth of word, and strength of thought, in war. Being prepared for war in order to avoid it. Suggestions for what can be done: determine that we will preserve our present Nationality at any sacrifice; satisfy ourselves that we are ordinary men and women in Canada, like the rest of the world; look round at all the rest of the civilized nations of the earth and see what their patriotism impels them to do for National safety and the moulding of their national manhood; consider the history of our own country--what has happened, what was then done, and follow the example of our forefathers. A look at the Militia Law of 1808, which saved Canada.