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1967 marking 175 years since the beginnings of democracy, British justice and a parliamentary procedure in Ontario. Some history of that beginning era, and of John Graves Simcoe as a political visionary. The development of democracy. The independent voice of William Lyon Mackenzie. Sir John A. Macdonald's leadership and the Fathers of Confederation. The future of the developments of democracy. A speculation as to what life might look like in the future. Some predictions from Nariman Challa. Ontario's programmes of social action. The next epoch of increased leisure time for a good part of the labour force. Thirty years from now. The need for democracy to adjust if it is to survive. Some specific predictions for politics and government. Remarks on the reform of the cabinet, the involvement of the members of the legislature in a much more immediate way and the responsibilities of a democratic government. The many areas for reform. The new world that lies ahead. An emphasis on the importance of the individual, his self-realisation and his position in the community, both economically and in responsibility to his fellow-man.