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Scott, The Hon. Ian

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The dangers, inherent in the speaker's position as Attorney-General of Ontario, of getting swamped with day-to-day issues and neglecting the important role of the administration of the criminal justice system. The main issues of concern are: "the criminal justice system is undergoing a major crisis of public confidence which threatens its integrity as a major institution of the civilized state; the crisis arises because public expectations of the system are not being met; the root of the public's lack of confidence rests on an ambivalence, or at least an uncertainty, about what the criminal courts should be doing." A proposal for the contemporary reformulation of the role of the criminal courts in our society, and suggestions as to how this reformulation can lead to a restoration of public confidence. A detailed discussion of this issue, with proposals and suggestions, follows, couched in terms of challenges and how to meet them. The issue is first placed in an historical context, followed by a description of a new vision of criminal justice and how it can be achieved. The beginning of an adoption of a more complex and pluralistic conception of criminal justice, which has led to an increase of stress and strain on the system. An outline, review, and examination of current problems and questions facing the challenge of change. Preserving the value of the Rule of Law itself.