Vladimir Putin

Jones, Magistrate S. Alfred

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What Fascism is and something of what it has accomplished. Misunderstandings and misrepresentations of Fascism. The origins of the word "Fascio." The Fascist emblem and what it means. A definition of Fascism as insistence on co-operation. The Fascist ideal. Origins of the concept of Fascism. A description of the Constitution of Italy. The system of occupational representation adopted by Italy. Recognized unions as the basis of the structure in describing Italy's Constitution. The legislative body, Senate, and parliament. The Fascist Grand Council. Legislation by Royal Decree. Criticisms made of the Fascist form of Government, and the speaker's response to them. Mussolini's role. Industrial relations. Italy's notable contribution to modern political thought. Some excerpts quoted from The Charter of Labour. Role of the State. The record of strikes in Italy. Criticisms against Fascism with regard to workers' rights, and the speaker's response. Provisions of the Publishers' and Journalists' Collective Contract. Mussolini's comments on Roosevelt's New Deal. Industrial differences in Italy settled by a Judge of the Supreme Court. Comparative national unemployment figures. Italy's high place in the field of economics. Italy's aims with regard to co-ordinating supply and demand in such a way as to produce cheaply yet keep a constant curb on over-production, with practical details. How, under a new law just passed, the Government of Italy becomes a channel for investments by the public in industry and industrial bond issues. The Fascist policy of non-interference with properly conducted private enterprise. Mussolini's outline of the Fascist economic creed. Misunderstandings about press censorship. Comparing Fascism and Socialism. Expenditures on social services in Italy. The non-existence of Fascist propaganda. Newspapers confusing the Fascist and the Nazi plans. A discussion of John Strachey's book, "The Menace of Fascism." Italy's success in reaching her goals. Fascism adapting the most vital elements of capitalism and socialism and combining them into a structure of state which has proved its value. Some concluding words from Macauley in describing Imperial Rome and, prophetically, the Italy of today.