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Stauffer, Rev. Byron H.

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Nothing but the absorbing thought of the war that has kept Canada from remembering that the fifteenth of last month was the 100th anniversary of the birth of Sir John Alexander Macdonald. To read the biography of John Alexander Macdonald is to read a new world biography: grounded in humble origin, small beginnings, and intense struggle. Some basic facts and a description of Sir John A. Macdonald. How the speaker first saw him, and perhaps how those in the audience first saw him. The speaker's personal memories of Macdonald. A typical day in the life of Sir John. Macdonald's great life span, his official life reaching back to 1844. Sir John's contribution to Canada's Confederation. A review of Sir John's career, his enlightened statesmanship, his various policies. Sir John's Washington Treaty days as a Joint High Commissioner in 1871. Ways in which Sir John A. Macdonald was a great political leader, a born leader. Some illustrative anecdotes. Sir John's heart and wit. Dying in harness. The country in mourning.