Vladimir Putin

Constantine, Major-General C.F.

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Bringing the Reserve Army up to strength. Our job today to provide money, munitions, and men, and to hold high morale, in order that those who know best how and where to use them, may have them in the proper times and places and quantities to give us final and complete victory. A declaration that statements made by the speaker reflect his personal opinion only. The speaker's job to implement and administer the pronounced policy of the Government, as regards the Department of National Defence. Ways in which Canada has taken part in many wars. A brief history of Canada's Reserve Army. The changing attitudes of the general public towards military preparedness. The speed with which Canada took up arms in the current war. The need now for reinforcements. A look at our resources and commitments, considering manpower alone. Manpower as the primary problem if all vital requirements are to be filled. How the employment of troops changes with the nature of the weapons and the employment of new types of arms. The soldier of today; preparing and equipping him to do his job. How Canada is doing that. A description of the recruitment and training of a soldier in Canada. Who is eligible for service. A concluding quote from Rudyard Kipling.