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Howe, The Honourable C.D.

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Entering the second year of the war. Looking back at the year just past and reviewing the progress that has been made toward our war objective. A discouraging year. The magnitude of the task of changing over a country from peaceful pursuits to an "all out" war effort which few can appreciate. What needs to be done. The urgency of time in our race for armaments. Germany's preparations over the last seven years. Details of the German's advantage. Some facts and figures regarding Canada's preparedness. Comparisons to one year ago. Troops and volunteers. The First Canadian Division, enlarged into a Canadian Corps. Additional rifle battalions. Reconnaissance detachments. Increased personnel in the Navy. Progress in the mobilization of our armed forces. Vessels of the Canadian Navy. The building programme, covering the building of mine sweepers, patrol vessels and smaller craft. The purchase, conversion and armament of merchant ships. The Empire Air Training Plan. Aeroplane construction in Canada. Types of planes. Future manufacture of aeroplane parts. The supply of skilled labour for the aircraft industry. The production of automotive equipment. The production of Universal Carriers well advanced, with deliveries beginning before the end of this year. Tanks production. The gun programme. Production of small arms ammunition. Providing explosives for a shell programme. Building of a plant for the manufacture of secret war devices. Contracts for hutments for troops, coast-defence fortifications, etc. General purchases of clothing, boots, food and personal equipment for the armed forces. Building plans resulting in shortages of raw materials. The appointment of a Controller with extraordinary powers to mobilize raw materials and to avoid unnecessary shortages. The activities of the Controllers, with illustrative examples. The Department of Munitions and Supply: its staff, responsibilities, activities. The task of furnishing the sums of money necessary to finance our munitions programme, open to all Canadians. The magnificent response. Request from the Minister of Finance for a subscription to a still larger war loan which must be subscribed in full if the war programme is going to continue to expand. How we are paying for this war. Purchasing war bonds. The determination to defend and to fulfill duties and obligations as part of our Canadian heritage. Next, Mr. Courtice introduces the guest of honour, Flight Lieutenant Wallace Barton, who has been on active service with the Royal Air Force since the outbreak of the war. Barton at the Battle of Flanders and the evacuation from Dunkerque, where he merited the award of the Distinguished Flying Cross. Lieutenant Wallace Barton relates his battle experience, and speaks about the Canadians he met in France.