Vladimir Putin

McLaurin, Rev. John Bates

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Some of the great problems upon which the peace of the world rests, and which cannot be solved elsewhere than the British Empire. The relationship of the East and West. The speaker's personal recollection of the day that the British Empire declared war against Germany. Two or three factors that make for the solution of the pressing problem of bringing together the East and the West on the background of the British Empire. Discussion and exemplification of these factors follow. The first of these factors as the supply of Canadian news to India, today most accurate, most rapid, and very keenly watched. The second factor in this work as the supply of news from India to Canada. A third factor the wise understanding and sympathy for what is going forward in India among all classes there. The extreme sensitivity of the Hindu. A discussion of the issue of democracy for India. The delusion of democracy. The nature and characteristics of the Indian Civil Service. Speaking of empire-builders in the best sense.